What material are your fence products made from?

Our most common material is pre-painted steel, but is also available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper.

Is the material powder coated?

NO! Our products feature a Kynar 500® PVDF finish. Kynar 500® is a special grade of PVDF resin used by licensed industrial paint manufacturers as the base resin in long-life coatings for aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminized steel. Noted by architects around the world Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coatings is precisely the product necessary to provide such protection and preservation to aluminum, galvanized steel, and aluminized steel. No other coating system withstands the rigors of nature and time like those based on Kynar 500® resins. This high-performance fluoropolymer resin, with its extraordinary capability to retain color and gloss, keeps painted metal looking vibrant and appealing.

What do you mean by maintenance free?

Since our products feature the Kynar finish and come with the 35 year limited paint warranty, our fences will not require any painting or staining during that time frame.

If panels are damaged after installation, can they be replaced?

Yes. The way that our fence is engineered allows for the capability of any component to be replaced if necessary.

What fence heights are available?

Our fence systems are available from 2’ up to 8’ tall.

Do Home Owners Associations approve the product?

Yes, we rarely have any issues getting our product approved by cities and/or H.O.A’s. Especially, since our privacy fence systems act as a rare fire break in between homes.

Can I just purchase all the parts necessary and install it myself?

Yes, we can produce and provide all necessary components along with an installation manual to anyone who would like to install it themselves.

Can I use my existing round metal posts?

Yes, we have the KastleGard XP design that is intended for applications utilizing existing round posts.

What textures are available for the panels?

We have the capability of embossing a wood grain or stucco texture in each panel or you can keep them with a smooth finish.