About Us

Here at Best Metal Fence, we are devoted to serving the customer by offering the highest quality of fencing choices available. Our team conducts day-to-day operations with the customer’s interest held in the highest priority; which is why we engineer our products to be “Maintenance Free,” enabling our customers to virtually invest no time or money maintaining their fence. With our fencing options, you have the ability to create a customized product, choosing from a vast selection of colors and textures.

Our Best Metal Fence team has a diverse background in construction; most specializing in metal roofing and fabrication with a combined 45+ years of experience. As we witnessed the durability, longevity, and continuous upward trend for metal roofs; we knew there had to be a better option for fences as well. The advantages of metal roofing materials have been incorporated into our fence designs. In 1999, we developed a pre-painted metal fence that could easily withstand the tenacious Texas sun, the brutal cold winters of the North, and everywhere in between. The KastleGard™ and RanchGard™ were patented in 2004, are maintenance free, and feature a limited lifetime material warranty combined with a 35-year finish warranty. At Best Metal Fence, we believe in an American made fence that is built to last.